Denver, CO

Six Years and Counting...

FXB member, Laurie, completed her 10 week session over five years ago and continues to work daily on her health and fitness. We asked her what it is about Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping that keeps her motivated and coming back each day...


Since I've joined FXB 5 years ago (I just signed up for my 6th year) I have been able to maintain my numbers that I achieved after my 10 weeks. There is something so addicting about the kickboxing and strength training classes at FXB. I love the instructors and how they push and motivate me and I love the community and friendships I've made over the years. People come and go every 10 weeks, but over the years I've noticed that the class size continues to grow each 10 week session. More and more people love to boot camp style classes and sign up for memberships. The word is out that Farrell's is the place to be. I know that after I finished my 10 week session, the 8:15 class was the "class to attend". We are still great, but now I hear about the other class times and how much fun they are having and getting together outside of the gym. That's what FXB does, it gives you a gym family. I really like being held accountable; not just by Dan, but also by my friends. That is why I keep signing up year after year. I love the workouts, the people, and the way I've been able to keep myself fit and healthy.  I plan on continuing at FXB as long as my body holds up (and I'm old)!

We don't think you are old, Laurie! However, we do think you are a great example of commitment and determination. You demonstrate to others that it doesn't matter your age or where you start, this program is for everyone. Keep up the great work!

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, our Denver boot camp offers fitness classes consisting of kickboxing and strength training 6 days per week. Our fitness classes will allow you to add muscle, lose fat and transform your body. This 10-week fitness challenge includes kickboxing classes, strength training and nutrition guidance to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals.

Challenge yourself to reach new fitness goals by joining our 10-week fitness challenge? Contact us today!



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Head Coach: Ariel Doctoroff
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