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January 12th!


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Farrell’s Denver Group Fitness Program!

Our unique group fitness program includes a full-body workout that’s designed for all ages and fitness levels. Add muscle, lose body fat and transform your body and mind through cardio kickboxing, strength training, nutrition guidance and member accountability in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment.


Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose inches, build strength or endurance, or just have fun working out, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Denver can help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us to learn more about our fitness program and fitness family at Farrell’s Denver.


Burn Fat. Build Muscle. Boost Confidence.

Are You Ready to Transform? Join the premier Denver 10-Week Fitness Challenge as you add muscle, lose fat and transform your body, as well as the way you think about fitness.

At Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping, we offer Boot Camp style classes that are designed to give all fitness levels extreme results. We offer a 10-week challenge that includes the following four components. These components will help you transform your body and change the way that you think about fitness and nutrition. We will help you make long-lasting changes to your lifestyle. Here are the four components of our program:

Kickboxing classes
Our kickboxing classes, derived from martial arts, are high-intensity cardio classes that burn fat and build endurance while offering variety and fun.

Strength Training
Strength training is essential to building lean muscle and burning fat and calories – in motion and at rest. Using resistance bands provides the benefits of building core strength in a safe environment.

Nutrition Coaching
We provide resources and information to fuel your body for peak performance on and off the mats. From carbohydrate and protein intake based on your body measurements, to simple meal plans, healthy eating is essential to your success.

Our certified instructors are trained to keep you safe, motivated and working hard in each class to help you reach your Level 10. Instructors add variety and fun to class while encouraging you to strive for excellence.
Our coaches provide one-on-one support. They encourage, motivate, answer questions, and help guide you through the program.

Our 10-Week Fitness Challenge
Whether you are out of shape and need to lose weight, an active athlete looking to boost performance, or have never stepped foot into a gym before, our 10-week fitness challenge can help you meet your goals.

When you enroll in our 10-week Challenge, you receive: 
  • 60 Instructor-led Cardio classes
  • Strength Training and Kickboxing Classes
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • 3 fitness evaluations
  • Boxing gloves and gloves
  • Student manual
  • Encouraging supportive environment
  • Small, supportive team
  • A team coach to provide encouragement
  • Additional resources to help you achieve extreme results
  • Entry for a chance to win $1,000 in our Biggest Transformation Contest
  • Graduation Party

Our Fitness classes are popular and fill up quickly, so enroll today!

Contact us today to learn how you can begin to transform your body in just 10 weeks with our Boot Camp classes. You can call us at 303-756-2639 for more information. You are also welcome to stop by either of our Denver Boot Camp locations in Denver or Littleton to try one of our Fitness classes for free.

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Our 10 week program includes everything you will need to make noticeable changes* to your appearance and fitness level. Whether you are an active athlete looking to boost performance or seriously overweight and feeling trapped in a body that's holding you back, we can help.

If you want to transform your body and learn to make positive changes to your health and fitness, we'd love to welcome you into our fitness community.

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