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Farrell’s Reminded Me Who I Am

They welcomed me in when I needed encouragement and motivated me to expect more from myself. I have lost 20 pounds* and have gained loads of muscle, but best of all I found “Me ”.

The 10 Week Program Continues to Work for our Members!!

This is not just a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change. Anyone looking for a change, for something different, for something that works...THIS is the program they need! After 10 weeks I could not be more sure that anyone can find success at Farrell's.

Farrell’s is a Life-Changer!

FIT Member Ben has experienced struggles with weight from being overweight to not weighing enough. Check out his story and how Farrell's taught him how to live a realistic and healthy lifestyle.

Challenging Classes Lead to Yearlong Changes

Over the year that Tammi has been attending kickboxing and strength training classes with us, she has lost 24 pounds, 9.3% body fat, and 12.25 total inches...4.25 off her waist! Way to go Tammi!! We are proud of you and we hope you are proud of yourself.

Farrell's Gave Me Myself Back!

I have more energy and motivation than I have had in a very long time. Because of this program, my husband has the woman that he married back, my children have a mom who doesn’t want to just lay around on the couch, but instead wants to go outside and play games and chase after them. They have a mom who is even a little less irritable when times get chaotic.



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Location Info

1547 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222

Phone: (303) 756-2639
Head Coach: Dan Dorenkamp
Franchise Owner: FXB Colorado, LLC


Farrell's Denver gym location