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Why Farrell’s is so Valuable

Cathy Before Farrell's Cedar Rapids Boyson 10-Week ChallengeI joined Farrell's Cedar Rapids – Boyson for the first time on January 7, 2017. I recently finished my 10-week session and I am feeling awesome! I have so enjoyed this journey. I workout at 4:30 every day, and have perfect attendance!

When I was initially signing up, I went back and forth on which class time to take. I was corresponding with the manager, Lisa Bata, and let me tell you, she is ONE patient individual! This lady is a godsend to Farrell's! She's smart, patient, cordial, and VERY motivational! She genuinely cares how people are feeling, progressing and wants to truly help where she can. She is pure class! I look forward to the testing days so I can just hear her motivational talk. WOW! She really gets us pumped up! I so appreciate Lisa and all that she has done for me as a member. She is one of the reasons I am continuing my journey as a FIT Member with Farrell's! It’s managers and head coaches like Lisa that makes Farrell’s so valuable.

My coaches. Andrea Rowland and Jamie Freiburger, JUST WOW! Again, first class all the way. These ladies are so very supportive of us all and such good leaders. I have come to them with aches and pains and frustrations of what I'm eating, and feeling fatigued and tired and on and on and on! They ALWAYS know how to make me feel better. They give me advice and truly care about me! I know there are a lot of good coaches out there but these two ladies are ABSOLUTELY the best!!!  They too are reasons why I am continuing my journey with Farrell's.  It’s coaches like these that make Farrell’s so valuable.

The instructors. How do I even begin? Motivation, knowledge, thorough, organized, and so on! These instructors should be commended daily for what they do for all of us. I love to be pushed to work hard and I try my best to squeeze every last ounce of energy out of me and they just push me even more. I think I have thanked each and every one of them after class as least once and sometimes twice for the workout they just gave me! It's sometimes emotional for me at the end because I feel SO GOOOOOOOOOOD! It's because of them! The experienced instructors are another reason Farrell’s is so valuable.

I cannot forget all my 4:30 workout friends. OH MY! What a "sisterhood"! We seriously push each other and honestly stay after each night for an ab circle. It just can't get any better then these awesome ladies!

Cathy today after Farrell's Cedar Rapids 10-week challengeI have recruited three new 10-week members for Boyson Road because I believe in it. One of those recruits is my husband! Farrell's will never NOT be a part of my life. I cannot live without my Farrell's family and what they do for me. I have joined gyms, tried working out on my own, tried to be a runner, taken diet pill after diet pill and ALL failed. The Farrell's way is the BEST way in mixing the kickboxing and strength training workouts with good eating habits. Lisa Bata said something in our 5-week testing that has stuck with me. She said, "You can't out-exercise your nutrition". She is SO right!

I have lost 24 pounds and 17.5" total inches overall.*  Such an awesome feeling because of Farrell's after only 10 weeks!

Thank you for Farrell's and thank you for the OUTSTANDING supportive team you have at Farrell’s Boyson Road. My results are because of my hard work, I know, but I could not have done it without every single one of these people I have mentioned. Farrell's and these individuals have truly changed my life!

Cathy G. is a FIT Member at our Cedar Rapids, IA Boyson Road Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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* Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.

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